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"One of the greatest gifts a child can receive is a quality education."

Elementary Curriculum

i Reading                   i Language Arts

i Mathematics           i Social Studies

i Science                    i Geography

i US History              i Penmanship

i Spelling                   i Music/Art

Using traditional teaching methods, we have designed our elementary curriculum to meet the individual needs of each child.  Our learning program is centered around "the basics" of instruction--"reading, writing and arithmetic."  Our year-end, standardized test results prove that this "Back to Basics" approach, combined with our small class size, is highly successful.

Our class size is kept small to facilitate individualized instruction and successful mastery of all subjects.  While public school class sizes are expected to reach an all-time high due to budget cuts and teacher lay-offs, our class size remains small.  A small class size is the best way to meet the needs of each child.

Unlike the public school system, our curriculum does not include instruction in (among others) Sex Education, Social Justice, Alternative Lifestyles  or "man's inhumanity to man."

We encourage thoughtfulness, cooperation, respect and kindness toward others.  However, because of the personal nature of the subject matter,  our curriculum does not include Religious Education.

SAT Scores!

We are proud of our consistantly high SAT test scores:

   2010-2011  Math    Reading  Language 
 Below Grade Level 0%   0%   0% 
 At Grade Level  4%    6%   8% 
 Above Grade Level  96%    94%  92% 
We believe these remarkable scores are the result of the close collaboration between parents and our elementary teachers who strive to help each child achieve his/her personal best!

September to Mid-June

Class begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm.  Before and after-school care is available at no additional charge.  Daycare during Christmas and Spring Break is also available at no additional charge.

Summer School

We offer a Summer School Program from mid-June through the end of August. In addition to fun and interesting summer activities, a portion of each day is spent reviewing basic academic skills presented during the previous school year.

Initial Assessment Placement

Our students are placed in each subject area at a level that reflects their abilities--not necessarily their age or grade level.  As we know, a child's age level and/or grade level do not necessarily reflect their skill set, knowledge or instructional needs.  For instance, some children have multiple levels-- such as high skills in reading but lower skills in math.

We also recognize that no two students learn in exactly the same way and design the curriculum to each child's individual needs.   Due to our success- based program, many of our students have advanced a year or more above grade level and are kept challenged at their particular learning level, rather than held to a "classroom" norm.


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